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April, 2008
Bust Your Rut and Experience Immediate Results

In a rut? Hit a dry spell? Down on your luck? It's time you get unstuck!

We all find ourselves in the doldrums from time to time. Sales slump? Lacking motivation? Feeling underappreciated? Enough with the pity-party. Let's bust your rut!

Remedial Rut-Busting

Here are five basics for busting your rut:

  1. Exercise! You'd be surprised how quickly your reality changes when you change your body chemistry. And that's what exercise does. Be creative about they type of exercise you engage in. Sure laps on tracks and in pools qualify...as do the stairs in your office. But why not make it more fun? Create your own par course. Design your own mini-triathlon when you pick three favorite modes of exercise. Learn a new sport this year to exercise your body.  Exercise can include activities as diverse as soul line dancing, Brazilian caparei or Bikram yoga.

  2. Change your menu. Review your meal menus and make some healthy substitutions. Start with a breakfast that includes protein, fruits and yes — even vegetables. For lunch and dinner limit red meat, and avoid processed meat. Hydrate yourself throughout the day: aim for 6-8 glasses of water a day. Enjoy dinner before 7:00pm, to allow your body to digest and metabolize food fully before you hit the La-Z-Boy or go to bed. If you still crave alcohol, I recommend Loft Liqueur, an organic liqueur that’s healthy and mixes well with other beverages.

  3. Alter your routine. Change your rote patterns and processes. Alter your timetable, change your mealtimes, commute route, etc. You can even alter your seat at your meal table to change your perspective and experience. The variation will refresh you and add more vitality to your daily experience.

  4. Costume Change. Review and upgrade your wardrobe. Are you wearing the same ensembles, same shoes and same colors (hopefully not on the same days!)? Change your wardrobe, enjoy a new hair style or even consider a new fragrance.

  5. Seek out new perspectives. Conferring with others can give you new perspectives on old problems. Whether you seek the counsel of a loved one, member of the clergy, your mentor or a subject matter expert, discussions with others will offer you fresh ideas and help you bust your rut. Dig out of your rut through dialog.

Graduate Rut-Busting

Here are five advanced rut-busting recommendations:

  1. Travel is broadening. New environs beckon. Whether you explore a new venue, indulge in a new mode of transportation orcreate a new adventure, you’ll be surprised at the boost it will give your mind, body and spirit.Recently I toured new mid-western baseball parks by planes, trains and automobiles. What a thrill! You needn’t even leave your own city or state to find hidden treasures. Look anew at your surroundings and you’ll be amazed at what’s in your midst. Pick a meaningful theme for yourself and go.

  2. Volunteer! There’s something so refreshing about getting outside yourself and giving to others. Donate time to a worthy cause; mentor, tutor or coach local youth; spend time serving meals at a soup kitchen; walk dogs through the SPCA. Being of service to others is thoroughly rewarding. Give!

  3. Calm Your Mind. The more complex and intense our world becomes the more essential it is to seize back control. Whether you employ prayer, meditation, nature walks, scheduled naps, partake of “simplicity” circles, each reasserts somc control. or simply devote a day a week to disengaging the television, radio or even electricity, the change will provide you peace and calm. One colleague creates unique mental pause days each quarter to sample spas, try unusual hike routes and combine elements like seas and slopes, urban and rural, walking and biking, etc. Be your own captain and chart some serenity for yourself.

  4. Feed Your Mind.  Mind you mind. Provide it with proper care and feeding. When, in the course of your day and week, you read, converse, grapple with puzzles and brain teasers, learn new skills, sing old songs  and stretch your grey matter you will find you are sharper and more able to handle whatever adversity comes your way.

  5. Self Talk! Change your own internal dialog to change your outlook. How aware are you of your own programming? What do you say to yourself on a daily basis? Are you reinforcing with positive thoughts the path you’re on? Or are you putting yourself down for errors, omissions and past decisions? Celebrate your successes, find the silver linings in decisions and experiences that didn’t go entirely your way, and stay upbeat.

You are immensely talented! Don’t let a rut sidetrack you from your lofty goals and raison d'être. When stuck, remember there are friends, colleagues and professionals of all types at a your beckon’s call. My rolodex includes professional organizers, professional and personal coaches, organizational development consultants, other motivational speakers and more. You are not alone! Yet ultimately YOU must take action to break free of paralyzing "holes in your sidewalk." Bust that rut and get back on trajectory for success!

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