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JEST PRACTICES: Humor in the Workplace

Humor is the essential ingredient that can increase productivity, enhance team building, encourage creativity and improve esprit-de-corps in the workplace.

Humor has physiological, psychological and practical benefits. It helps us clear our heads, stimulate mentation, and entertain ourselves and our co-workers. It makes hard tasks easier and actually creates an environment conducive to success. Just as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so too does a fun environment keep a workforce happy and healthy. It's no coincidence that when the humor quotient rises the absentee rate declines.

Humor in the Workplace shows you how to introduce fun, laughter and appropriate humor into your work environment. It helps us recognize and value our own humorous side, while also facilitating teamwork and the appreciation of others.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover Five Ways to Enliven Your Work Environment
  • Learn Six Methods for Invigorating Meetings with Humor
  • When to Use Humor...And When Not To
  • Sources for Humor

How The Presentation Unfolds

Stories, worksheets, role plays, sharing and anecdotal stories all help audience members appreciate ways of utilizing humor to help them relieve stress, relate better to co-workers and maintain their equilibrium in pressure situations.

About Your Presenter

Since the age of eleven when he went door-to-door selling "used jokes," Craig has been employing humor to entertain and elucidate his audiences while break down barriers to success.

Whether in writing or spoken word, Craig utilizes humor to connect with others. He trains and coaches professionals in the high tech, non-profit and public sector environments to not only communicate with confidence and clarity, but with levity too! Let him enliven your workgroup or audience to help them aspire and achieve.

In 2003 Craig founded LaughLovers to teach and coach other communicators how to add humor to their presentations. This humor community has since inspired a similar community in Shanghai! Read more about LaughLovers in Craig's 2005 article about it in The Toastmaster.

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