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Unleashing Your Creativity
How to Celebrate the Spirit of Invention in You!

Is there some Da Vinci, Edison, Franklin or Hopper within you?

Creativity isn't limited to the great inventors of the world. We all have tools with which to achieve greatness: vision, curiosity, creativity, perseverance and a can-do attitude. These skills can lead us to create and discover, innovate and invent. Unleashing Your Creativity taps into your inventiveness during a fun, interactive and action-packed session. Whether by design or accident, geniuses and common folk alike have drawn upon inspiration, frustration, creativity, determination and occasional luck to bring us many inventions and innovations. Unleashing Your Creativity opens your eyes and mind while taking a look at a myriad of inventions great and goofy.

Among the Topics Covered
  Thinking Beyond the Box
  Dreaming the Dream (Asking "What if?")
  The Golden Rule of Invention (10% Inspiration / 90% Perspiration)
  The Genius of Serendipity
  Failing All the Way to Success: Failure as Fertilizer
  Naysayers as Motivators
  Role Playing Using Real Life Scenarios
  Creativity Potions

How The Presentation Unfolds
Pre-session and post-session evaluations demonstrate the change in participants' perception of their own creativity. Through stories, examples, actual brainstorming sessions and stimulating handouts participants tap into their own creativity and demonstrate how environment and mindset unleash creativity and spur innovation.

About Your Presenter
With no patents or inventions to his name, professional speaker and trainer Craig Harrison channels his creativity into unleashing yours. A past president of the National Speakers Association's Northern California chapter, Craig founded Expressions of Excellence to help professionals express their sales and service excellence with style. Craig's creativity flourishes as he inspires others to better express themselves. Let Craig show you how a "what if?" attitude and the ability to think differently can lead to stunning results.

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