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Teaming With Success!

Are you ready to form the team? Join the team? Lead the team? Join together with team leader Craig Harrison to master Team Building For Success. Understand how shared objectives can lead to shared success. Develop effective ways to form, motivate and lead teams for maximum effect. Identify common obstacles to team building and how to overcome them.

In Teaming with Success you experience what it's like to recruit and build a team, agree upon distinct roles, create a division of labor, attack problems that arise and work toward achieving common goals.

While their may be no "I" in TEAM, there is individuality, an important component in every team. Individual differences and diversity are often the strength of teams.

Leadership can also be generated from all team members, not just the official leader. Learn how each member can lead by example.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Goal Setting, Focus and Purpose
  • Team Dynamics
  • Role Clarity and the Importance of Clear Leadership
  • Strength from Diversity
  • The Effect of Teamwork on Internal Customer Service
  • Insuring Problems Strengthen the Team
  • The Role of Recognition and Rewards

How The Presentation is Delivered
Definitions, stories, case studies, and fun group role playing activities all reinforce team concepts and allow participants to walk the talk.

About Your Presenter
A former athlete and sports coach, Craig Harrison has worked with Olympians, Hall of Famers and world class athletes, as well as high performing corporate leaders in the development of leadership and team building skills.

A board member of the Northern California chapter of the National Speakers Association, Craig draws on sports and traditional management techniques and group dynamics theory to help others achieve maximum productivity from their teams. After this training you'll be teaming with success!

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Teaming with Success

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