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Sample Elevator Speeches

Below are sample Elevator Speeches from many walks of life. You are welcome to print these to use as guides in developing your own. Do not copy these verbatim. You're far better served by creating your own and incorporating your own uniqueness and style of expression.

For more instruction on crafting your own 16-second soundbite, send for my Elevator Speech booklet. For $10 this booklet can help elevate you to the top!  

Good luck, and feel free in sharing yours with me via e-mail craig@craigspeaks.com

For A Lawyer for Non-Profits 

“I'm saving the people who are saving the world! (she pauses and smiles.)
I'm Alice Andrson, a lawyer for non-profits. My company, Anderson NonProfit Strategies, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializes in helping non-profits keep their fund-raising legal. For more information e-mail me: alice@anpslaw.” 

For A Web Designer 

“I am a Techno Shock Therapist (pause for laughs).
My name is Andy Ebon, founder of EBS Virtual Communications. I help my clients with their internet marketing and promotion needs through web development, web site promotion and helping them incorporate their eMarketing with their overall marketing plan. Tell me about your current website?”    

For The Self-Employed 

“Hi, I teach people how manners make money & politeness promotes profits in the market place. I teach etiquette to youth and adults. I'm Carolyn Millet, and it's  my pleasure to meet you!”    

For A Project Manager

“I translate the Tower of techno-Babble. I'm Paul Coker.
Some companies call my job project management or technical team leading. I help teams reach their goal better/faster/cheaper by welding radically different perspectives into a single team effort, avoiding wasted or dead-end efforts. Do you know of any companies that might need that kind of leader for a team of tech specialists?”  

For Trainers

“Hi. I'm Liz DeClifford, LD. I'm not a Latter-Day but I am Learning Disabled. I train others to live productive, fulfilled lives. Here's my card; let me know how I can help you.” 

“I turn conflict into agreement. I'm Robbie Gordon of the Conflict Resolution Institute. My workshops & coaching reduce your conflict.  We teach people how to understand, discuss and resolve conflict so they can live happier lives. Let us replace the conflict in your life.”   

For A User Interface Designer

“Hi. I'm Ed Swiss, and I connect people to computers. I create simple, effective user interfaces that make it easier for people to do their jobs. Would you like me to simplify your workplace?” 

For A Computer Consultant

“When it comes to data having an overbyte is good! I'm Dan Singleton, principal of Singleton Consulting Inc. Our appetite for bits and bytes is exceeded only by our capacity to digest your data! Our favorite flavor is COBOL! Call us, we're hungry for your business.” 

“I'm the Fred Flinstone of the construction industry. I install computer systems for the gravel industry. I'm Stephen Beard, project manager extraordinaire.”

For A Management Consultant

“I keep your company out of Dilbert's comic strip! I'm Alyson Abrams, a Silicon Valley management consultant specializing in change. If your company is experiencing rapid growth or change I can offer experience and wisdom to keep your employees happy and your profits in the black.” 

For An Insurance Company

“Settlement Alternatives provides turnkey solutions to all your insurance needs! Our website, workbooks and presentations each provide information, guidance, options and alternatives to help you resolve your insurance woes. Success is a click away...SettlementAlternatives.com!” 

For An Insurance Agent

“I'm a money man with a plan: I make sure the money keeps flowing when your income stops. (pause) Somewhere along the line, for one reason or another, you will no longer be working. My plans insure that individuals and their families are prepared for that day; when it comes.(another pause) Let's review your plan to make sure the money flows unabated. I'm Mark Eckhout with MML Investors Services.”  

“My firm takes over where Walt Disney left off. I'm Chal Daniels, and I will show you how to make your dreams come true. What is something you have always dreamt of doing? (Pauses and listens intently.) I can help you make your wish come true. Here is my card, call me, I'd love to work with you. I give you my assurance our insurance can help you dream big dreams.”  

For A Civil Engineer:

“Hi I'm Arnold Karman...I harness the forces of mother nature and put them to work for you. I'm a civil engineer specializing in building bridges, roads and other thoroughfares. We help you get where you're going safely and expediently!” 

For A Software Engineer:

“I crunch bits and bytes for breakfast. I'm a software engineer who designs applications that don't go snap, crackle or pop. I'm Tony “the Tiger” Pistoli.” 

For Another Software Engineer:

“I'm the Claude Monet of Software. I'm Henri Pierre. My masterpieces are written with zeros and ones! I write clean code and elegant programs which come in on time and under budget. My artistry is yours, call me.” 

For A Hardware engineer:

“Some think beyond the box. My brilliance is within the box. Im Sarah Barnes, a hardware engineer. I design computer architecture for maximum efficiency, creating robust systems.” 

For A Process Engineer:

“They call me Mr. Chips. I manage process engineers in the commission of ultra-fast microchips. My rooms are super clean, my employees detail oriented and my teams are well coordinated. I'm Trun Nguyen.”

For A Toastmaster:

“Hi I'm Cassandra Cockrill…an evangelist for better thinking, better speaking, and better listening. I help thousands of people each year to be sure that they communicate more confidently and competently than ever before. I do it through Toastmasters. What about you, are you interested in better communication?”

For A Financial Consultant:

“Hi, I'm Charles Riviera. I help my customers by putting them in touch with money! I'm a financial resource consultant based in Miami.”

“I manage dead presidents! I am a money manager who helps people reduce their taxes (and my hands are pushing downward as I say this), and increase their savings and investment returns (now my hands are palms up, raising up to my shoulders). How can I help you?”

For A Customer Service Representative:

“I have a calling. I am a customer satisfaction representative who calls customers to insure they're satisfied. “Yes” is my favorite word. What's yours?”

For A Credit Agent:

“I'm Bill Lovvett. I give credit where credit is due. I'm a commercial credit agent. Wouldn't you like some credit too?” (smiles!)

For Self-Storage Facility Managers:

“We can help you think inside the box. We're self-storage experts providing you with space to store your commercial or personal property. I'm Craig Harrison, manager of YOUR COMPANY STORE in Denver. Could you benefit from off-site property storage?”

“I tell people where to put it! (smile and pause) I'm Bob Arnold, manager of STORE YOU here in Tampa. If you've got 'stuff' we've got your storage space. As a full service storage site we offer a variety of ways to store you! Won't you come see how our store is your store?”

“We're your attic without cobwebs and your basement without termites. We're MORE STORE, your self-storage specialists. With four metropolitan locations to choose from, we offer a variety of self-storage units to solve your storage problems. Our storage options make your life easier and your own space less cluttered. Let us help you store and save.”

“We're the NASA of inner space. We provide storage space here on earth for all your worldly possessions. We're STORAGE SPACE SPECIALISTS. Houston, we've got a property!”

“Our space gives you breathing space. We're ROOM-FOR-GROWTH STORAGE INCORPORATED, a self-storage business catering to residential clients. Using our space liberates your place. (pause for rhyme to sink in.) We're here to help.”


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