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National Speakers Association
Resource Page


Listen to Craig's "How to Make the Ask" Campfire Chat for Presidents-elect and other chapter leaders on December 3, 2008.

Craig's August, 2008 Compilation of and tips for Apprentice Programs (PDF) for your chapter for NSA Rocks convention Chapter Leadership programming in NYC.

Craig's fundraising handouts for incoming chapter presidents-elect from 2006 CampNSA. PDF file; PowerPoint slides.

Recruiting Experts Who Speak: A bevy of Strategies as presented to NSA chapter leaders at their Western Winter Workshop in Portland (2004)

Sales Techniques to Recruit Experts to NSA as presented at annual convention's Chapter Leadership training in Phoenix (2004).

Retreat to Advance: Tips for Chapter Leaders Planning their Board Retreat, presented in a Table of Excellence in Burbank, 2005.

Speed Leadership compilation from NSA's 2007 Winter Workshop Chapter Leadership program coordinated by Craig and Marcia Reynolds CSP.

Read an NSA leaders pub interview (PDF) with 04-05 NSA/NC chapter president Craig Harrison on how he and his leadership team scuttled moribund programs sapping the lifeblood from the chapter, and revamped NSA/NC through innovative programs such as Pro-Track, Affiliate Relationships, E-zines and SIGs (chapter level PEGs).


July 12, 2014 NSA/NC Salon: How to THINK INK!
Article Writing for Speakers.
Download PDF here.
Download separate PPT here.

The Speaker As Storyteller, presented to the NSA/NC at their Professional Development Meeting on Saturday, November 7, 2009. (longer PDF)

The Speaker As Storyteller, presented to the Storytellers PEG at the 2009 Convention in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, July 18th. (PDF)

Story Tell, Story Sell: Sales Through Storytelling for Speakers (PDF), NSA Illinois, March 20, 2008 in Chicago. (Read letter of appreciation from pgm chair)

Homegrown Humor: Prospecting Your Past to Find Your OWN Humor NSA Fall Conference, presentation Friday, Nov. 21, 2008 (PDF)
(Read Craig's evals from this popular program.)

Speaker as Storyteller: Unleashing the Power of Story to Enhance Your Speaking Prowess Heartland-NSA presentation Nov. 8, 2008 (PDF)
(Read a letter of appreciation from NSA-KC's chapter president.)

Story Tell, Story Sell: Sales Through Storytelling for Speakers (PDF), NSA Convention, NY, August 2008. (Read Craig's evals from this program.)

THINK INK: How to get published, for NSA/NC's Pro-Track program.

Extra Extra, Read All About You! for NSA/NC's Pro-Track program

Pub Crawl: How to receive more and better publicity, for NSA/NC's Pro-Track program.

Find Your Topic As A Speaker for NSA/NC's Pro-Track program

Elevator Speeches for Speakers for NSA/NC's Pro-Track program

Now Pitching...Introductions! The importance of an Introduction for Speakers.

Customer Service For Speakers: Serve and You Shall Speak More! You don't have to speak on customer service to deliver it! As shared in a chapter Meet the Pros in 2002.

Lessons Learned as an Emerging Speaker: A humorous look at lessons along the road to speaking success, as presented in chapter in 2003.

Mastermind Groups handout from Fall 2005 Mini-meeting "Mastermind Your Own Business"

Handout (PDF) from Craig's interview of Susan RoAne for NSA/NC's May, 2008
"Diamonds in our Midst" program.

Meet the Pros handout for NSA/NC: From Schmo to Pro: Upping your Professionalism, May 2, 2009 in Burlingame. (PDF)

Recruiting New Members: Expanding the Pie A La Many Modes NSA's Professional Speaker Magazine, December, 2004

Magazine cover Don't Take Me...Literally!
NSA's Professional Speaker
Magazine, March, 2005
Speaking On A Shoestring (PDF)
NSA's Speaker
Magazine, December 2010
Customer Service for Speakers 101! (PDF)
NSA/NC's Professionally Speaking
Magazine, Spring 2009

Craig's NSA/NC Story...

Craig Harrison joined NSA in 1997 and has served his local chapter and National ever since.

In 1998 he volunteered as a Coach for NSA/NC's Fast Track program. Later he joined president-elect Marianna Nuñes' Membership Committee.

After Marianna's passing, in 1999-2000 Craig coordinated a Speakers Showcase for NSA/NC and NCC-MPI.

Shortly thereafter in 2000 he was elected to his first term of his Northern California chapter's board. He served a year as logistics chair and a second year as its director of marketing.

In 2003 he was elected again and served a year as volunteer coordinator, co-coordinating Ric Giardina's Leadership Development Program. His next year Craig became president-elect.

In 2004-05 Craig was elected president of NSA/NC and led the chapter with distinction. Several moribund programs were replaced with new ones, including the launching of Pro-Track, creation of SIGs, emphasis on html-styled electronic communications, and the beginning of extensive affiliate relationships with other aligned orgnizations.

In 2005 Craig became immediate past chapter president, where he oversaw his chapter's nominating committee. He also mentored two chapter members through NSA/NC's official mentoring program, in its inaugural year.

In July, 2006 Craig began a two-year term as Chapter Leadership Consultant (CLC) to NSA chapters in Washington, Oregon and Northern California.

In 2008-2009 Craig was NSA/NC's Member of the Year.

In 2009-2010 he received the coveted Fripp Award for Leadership.
He was the ninth recipient to receive this award.

Craig's NSA Story...

Craig began attending NSA conventions in 1999. He gave a speakers showcase presentation, presented a Table of Excellence on staging Speakers Showcases for Chapter Leadership, and had the distinction of being interviewed by Morley Safer of 60 Minutes for their 2000 piece, The Power of Positive Speaking.

Although unbeknownst to them, Craig Harrison was instumental in getting 60 Minutes to interview CSP, CPAE and Cavett award winner Patricia Fripp and Jeanne Robertson CSP, CPAE, who Craig repeatedly praised to the 60 Minutes producer over the course of a one hour background interview. (Craig was interviewed by Morley Safer on camera later that convention, along with Michael Scott Karpovich and Patricia Fripp for their piece The Power of Positive Speaking.)

Craig served as editor of the Diversity PEG's newsletter in 2003.

In 2004 Craig served as editor of the Sales PEG's newsletter, The Top Line.

In 2004-05 Craig became chairman of the Sales PEG, and instituted monthly e-zines, teleseminars (now standard for all PEGs) and creative winter workshop programming to augment The Top Line.

Craig has contributed several articles to (Professional) Speaker magazine:

In August of 2006, Craig took over the "Welcome Home" column profiling new members for Speaker magazine.

Craig concluded a successful two-year term as a Chapter Leadership Consultant to the NSA Northwest, NSA Oregon and NSA Northern California chapters. (2006-08.)

In this capacity he also coordinated training at the 2007 Winter Workshop in Denver, (PDF compilation downloadable) and co-coordinated chapter leadership training in San Diego at the summer convention with Marcia Reynolds CSP.

He was also part of the successful search and interview committee for new CLCs that yielded talented candidates for 2008-2010 terms.

In February, 2008 Craig launched the Storytellers Professional Emphasis Group (PEG) of NSA with colleague Vincent Muli Wa Kituku CSP and guided its steady growth for its first 16 months as its inaugural chair. He continued to coordinate their teleseminars and support Vincent and incoming chair Susan Luke CSP as they built this PEG in 2009-10.

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