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Leveraging Improv in Work and Life


An old Yiddish proverb tells us "Man plans and God laughs!"

In life, flights get cancelled, cars break down or roads are closed, weather rains on our parades, food in our fridge spoils and co-workers call in sick. What is life if not a series of improvisations?

Improv - the ability to improvise in any situation - is an essential skill that can be mastered by all.


This fun, interactive program employs non-threatening Improv games to teach adults how to accept the offer, employ a "yes, and..." approach, help their partners look good and in the process solve problems, co-create, build trust, sharpen listening and many more great skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn that it means to "accept the offer" and recognize when people block instead of build
  • Recognize the difference between yes, but and yes, AND.
  • Learn to help your partner look good
  • Transcend linear thinking to put ideas, concepts and behaviors together in fresh, new and creative ways
  • Have fun and explore new ways of brainstorming, problem-solving and team-building.

How The Presentation Unfolds

This program utilizes fun, short activities to demonstrate key concepts. Participants experience success as an entire group and in smaller groups as they stretch their brain in new and different ways. Progressive storytelling, games of inquiry, imagination and creativity are played and then debriefed. Many breakthroughs ensue.

About Your Presenter

Since the age of eleven when he went door-to-door selling "used jokes," Craig has been employing humor to entertain, train and elucidate. He skillfully uses improv to break down barriers and help participants taste success. He has skillfully facilitated board retreats, led trainings in creativity and improv, and formed a comedy club in 2003 to promote and advance improv.

In 2003 Craig founded LaughLovers to teach and coach other communicators how to add improv to their repertoire and humor to their presentations. This humor community has since inspired a similar community in Shanghai! Read more about LaughLovers in Craig's 2005 article about it in The Toastmaster.

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