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TW Magazine
October, 2007
Provide the Missing Piece to Each
Customer's Puzzle

At their core, customers just want to feel "whole" in their transactions with us. They want to feel cared for, valued and important. They want to feel complete. When we sell and serve them poorly, they don't feel whole, they just feel the hole where service is missing. Your goal: make them whole again, in one move!

Play The Match Game
Assess your customer's sentiment and act accordingly. Once you've determined what your customer is feeling you should know how to respond to "make them whole." Done well, they're back on board in one move!

For instance:
When a customer feels shortchanged…how do you make them feel whole again?

When a customer feel ignored…how do you give them attention and show them you care?

When a customer feels insulted…how do you treat them with respect and honor them?

When a customer feels confused…how do you bring clarity to their situation and elucidate your policies, products or processes?

When a customer feels angry…how do you dissipate their ire and ameliorate their dissatisfaction?

When a returning customer isn't recognized…how do you acknowledge their patronage and show appreciation for their continued support and convince them of their importance to you?

When a customer has been given the "run-around"…how can you earn back their confidence and address their wasted time?

Bye or Buy?

We know happy customers are repeat customers. When you restore your customers to their happy state they will remain customers for life. As a skilled sales and service provider, become expert at assessing their customers' situations and applying the proper salve to make them feel whole again.

Make them whole in one!

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